.Ahmed E

Pricing $2.50 - $5.00
Teaches: Quran Studies, Arabic Language
Speaks: Arabic (Native), German (Upper Beginner), English (Upper Advanced), Italian (Upper Intermediate)

About .Ahmed E

Assalam Alaikum! My name is Ahmed Elkadi, 26 years old. I graduated from The Faculty of Languages Al-Alsun with a bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Literature. Currently, I work as an Arabic and Quran Tutor. I teach Arabic to all levels from scratch to advanced levels besides the Quranic and Islamic Studies: Tajweed, Tafsir, Hadith, Aqidah and basics of Fiqh.

Thanks to Allah, I have fully memorised the Quran and hold a license for the narrations of HAFS SHU'BA and WARSH besides another for TUHFATUL ATTFAL for the recitation rules and Tajweed.

I've been teaching the Quran for around 10 years now. However, I started teaching online merely five years ago. Over my years' experience in teaching, I have developed experience with all levels and varieties of ages; I teach females from 7 to 13 and males from 7 to 60 years old. With my expertise and clear communication, I meet the needs of each, whether young kids who depend more on repetition for memorisation, older children and teenagers who rely more on comprehension and curious discussions for memorisation, or even adults who have other interests like academic Tajweed, Tafsir or Ijazahs, or elder men whose interest is correcting their recitation errors.

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Teaching Expertise

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  • Curriculum
  • Proficiency Assessment
  • Homework
  • Quizzes /Tests
  • Learning Materials
  • Reading Exercises
  • Lesson Plans
  • Writing Exercises

Teaching Qualifications


2018 - 2018
Ijaza of Hafs and Shu'ba

Ijaza of Hafs and Shu'ba


Work Experience

2020 - 2022
Arabic Language & Quran Teacher

Al-Fatih Institue


2022 - 2024
Arabic, Qur'an and Islamic Studies Instructor

Mecca Learning Hub for Non-Natives


2020 - 2024
Arabic Linguistics and Phonetics Instructor; Arabic Literature and Culture Specialist.



2023 - 2024
Qur'anic and Islamic Studies Mentor

Aya Institute


2016 - 2024
Imam and Qur'anic Studies Educator

At-Tawhid Mosque and Assembly