.Yara S

Pricing $2.00 - $4.00
Teaches: Arabic Language
Speaks: Arabic (Native), English (Advanced), Spanish (Upper Beginner), Russian (Upper Advanced)

About .Yara S

Welcome to my profile 🎉

Hello everyone!

My name is Yara. I am from Egypt. I graduated from the faculty of foreign languages, major Russian language and translation in 2017. After graduation I started working as a translator and Arabic language teacher. Now I have 4 years experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language, teaching +3000 hours online and offline.

In my classes, I concentrate on the four skills of READING, LISTENING, WRITING, and SPEAKING. I also use different sources to help my students to achieve their goals. Sometimes I prepare materials by myself according to the student's goal and their levels. I can teach you FUSHA (Modern Standard Arabic) and EGYPTIAN DIALECT. Furthermore, we can talk a lot about our culture, history, traditions, and food. We will also watch different videos and films.


📬 Send me a message before booking your trial lesson providing me with your level, goals, and anything you would like me to know that helps us to have a great plan.

🤗 If you have a question don't hesitate to ask me anytime.

💪 Working on yourself + our classes are really important and give you the best result you are aiming to. Don't depend only on our classes.

⏰ Commitment is really required in my classes.

📆 Long-term students are preferred in my classes.

What are you waiting for... Hurry up and book your lesson with me.

I am a certified Arabic teacher with 4 years of experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language both online and offline.

Once you decide to learn Arabic, Book your lesson with me. I will make your journey in learning Arabic enjoyable and fun.

My materials:

🗂PDF file


📑Text Documents

💻Presentation slides/PPT

🎧Audio files

🌠Image files

📽Video files

📰Articles and news


📋Test templates and examples

📉Graphs and charts

📝Homework Assignments

🎮Language games


What ever your level is, you will be able to speak from first time. I am very patient, hardworking and fun teacher to work with. Our lessons will not be stressful at all, so you can keep making mistakes during speaking without being embarrassed.

Lessons Prices


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Teaching Expertise

Lesson Includes

  • Curriculum
  • Proficiency Assessment
  • Homework
  • Quizzes /Tests
  • Learning Materials
  • Reading Exercises
  • Lesson Plans
  • Writing Exercises

Learner Ages

  • 5 Years - 8 Years
  • 8 Years - 12 Years
  • 12 Years - 16 Years
  • 16+ Years
  • Kids Boys
  • kids Girls
  • Men
  • Women

Teaching Qualifications


2013 - 2017
Russian language and literature

Faculty of languages_ Ain shams university

Cairo, Egypt


2021 - 2022
Diploma in Teaching Arabic as a foreign language

Ain shams university

Cairo, Egypt

Work Experience

2018 - 2024
Arabic language teacher

Online school